Lynn & Melanie

We are a mother daughter team who love working together and sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experiences to help people live their life without regrets. We have worked together helping people in business become true leaders and realized it’s time to help people on a more personal level as well.

The company was birthed because we found we were in constant conversation about the importance of family and living a purposeful life.

We were so inspired during these conversations, sharing ideas and values and beliefs that we felt it was time to share this with others.

We both feel very blessed to have a close family connection.  There has always been great respect, love and harmony in our home.  For many years there was the three of us, Mom, Melanie and Brad.   Now our family has grown to include spouses and children/grandchildren and we continue to treat each other with respect, love and harmony modeling what’s possible for families.

Over the years we have both had personal challenges that have required us to get clear about what’s important in our life and to live every moment with love and gratitude.  We are both aware of times when we have made choices that have had a huge impact on our lives. The reason we are so committed to helping others is because we know what it’s like to need support and not know where to turn.

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