In Private

“I had the pleasure of spending an amazing afternoon with Lynn and Melanie, and was able to painlessly move past so many emotions that were holding me stuck while effecting all relationships in my life. The session was transformational for me. They are a dynamic duo, that will lovingly and skillfully guide you to begin living your life with no regrets. I would recommend their services if you are feeling stuck in anyway.”

“Thanks again for my session with you yesterday.! I felt completely supported by you, Melanie and your collective desire for me to get everything I could possibly get for myself out of our time together. Your strong commitment to help women become the best version of themselves is palpable in this work you do together!”
L. Jantzen

“I decided to see Lynn and Melanie Robinson because I was feeling stuck in all aspects of my life and I was in a lot of emotional pain. Our 3 hour session proved to be extremely beneficial. I cleared a lot of emotional baggage from my past and I have learned new tools to deal with negativity and self-doubt, should they ever arise in the future. I believe that when someone goes through such healing experiences, they feel extremely vulnerable; therefore, when asking for help, they need to feel safe in order to open up and heal. Lynn and Melanie have a very gentle and loving approach and very calming and soft voices, which helped me to relax, to feel safe, understood and accepted. Thank you both for sharing your many years of experience and your gift of love with me! I am so glad I chose you as my partners and mentors in learning how to live my life without regrets!”
I. Breazu

“Life Without Regrets took me through a transitional process that changed my life. Their support during my transformation was so incredible that I never once felt vulnerable or isolated for who I was or who I was becoming. My open mind allowed a change that was, well, beyond who I thought I could ever be, and Life Without Regrets helped me through the challenges in my life and how my beliefs allowed me to cope with those challenges. I somehow wished I had found Life Without Regrets sooner, but then again, everything happens when it’s supposed to happen!”
R. Mackenzie

“I cannot begin to tell you the difference just 2 hours of your time has made to every aspect of my life. But I’m going to try.
2 months later, I remain feeling lightweight and resentment free. Nothing my teen daughter does ruffles my feathers. I speak calmly to her and startle myself with my unflappable nature.
My quick visit home this past weekend enthralled my family- they couldn’t believe how glowing and happy I looked. Everyone said something was different! I feel so very very grateful, Melanie and Lynn. And put together. Thank you so very much.”
A. Van

Speaking Engagements

“Hi Lynn & Melanie. Thank you very much for the great seminar you put on today. I have gone to see many speakers including Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Karen Woodard, Anthony Robins & many others. Your presentation was one of the best.”
R. Steele

“Today the invaluable information and mind connection that Lynn & Melanie shared was remarkable. This mother & daughter team amazes me. There’s is such a wonderful combination. It is good to see that relationship. And a BIG Thank you to them for taking their valuable time out to come share and impart all that information and their “Positive Beliefs” with us! Thank you ladies!”
R. Venkatesh

“Huge gratitude to Melanie and Lynn Robinson for another wonderful workshop and thank you to all of the ladies who took time out of their busy schedules to attend. It was great to hear the shares and as I looked around the room I saw the same thing Lynn noticed..the light bulbs in our heads were lighting up and we had lots of Aha moments…oh yeah…I see that…I know what your saying etc.”
C. Mason

“This was a very powerful and aha- provoking event. Chalk full of valuable material that I can put into use right away. For anyone who was unable to attend, if you ever have an opportunity to hear this very dynamic duo present, make room in your calendar, you will be glad you did!”

“What great information for us all, not only to help us grow individually but with our businesses. Thank you Melanie and Lynn the 2 hrs. went by so quickly, I was sad to see it come to an end.”
L. Fox

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