In the last while, the subject of beliefs has come up often.

beliefsAnd when something comes up often I always feel it’s time to explore it more closely.

Our beliefs are so powerful and also so elusive.   It’s not easy to identify your beliefs because we actually think they are truths rather than beliefs. We’ve accumulated our beliefs over time and live our life based on what we believe.

Our expectations and achievements are all based on what we believe about ourselves, other people and the world.  Our beliefs affect our emotions as well.

If we believe people are inherently bad, we will walk in fear of something happening to us.  If we believe people are inherently good, we will welcome people into our lives.  This opens up opportunities and new experiences.

It’s so easy to let our past tarnish the present and our future through our beliefs.

If you’ve grown up being criticized there’s a good chance you believed what was said and don’t think highly of yourself because of it.  This will limit you in your life. Not just with what youbelieffish accomplish, but in how you feel about what you’ve accomplished.

If you’ve been built up and acknowledged through loving words and encouragement, you more than likely have a strong sense of self.

In building relationships, this will have an impact because how you feel about yourself will be reflected in how you feel about others.

Your self concept is what you believe about yourself.

Self-worth and self-esteem are also tied to your beliefs about yourself. Your self esteem is based on how you think and feel about yourself based on our self concept. Your self-worth is based on your evaluation of your self-concept. This is very powerful since your beliefs shape your destiny and guide your behaviour.

I met an amazing young woman in Hawaii a number of years ago.

Her name was Denise.  She was 29 at the time. She was an artist. I met her at the Kona Art Center in Holualoa. She was very successful with her paintings. Her originals were so much in demand that they limited the sale of them to only once a year. She was very excited about her art and very goal oriented. She was always striving to learn more and achieve more. Beyond her art, she won 23 medals swimming, performed in the local theatre and had a desire to go to college and become a playwright.

BelieveWhat makes her even more amazing is that she was born with what is commonly known as Downs Syndrome. She believed that she could overcome this and didn’t want to use it as a crutch in her life.

Meeting Denise was so inspiring.  It’s something I will always remember and draw on when I need to believe in myself.

Are you using your beliefs as crutches in your life?  Do you have beliefs that are sabotaging your success and your happiness?

Is this the time for you to break free from the beliefs that are holding you back?

Imagine what your life could be like if you did.

Imagine…….a Life Without Regrets