My life is so good in so many ways…..

……and there are so many people so much worse off. Why can’t I shake off this feeling and enjoy my life? I am so lucky. I have so much……a place to call home, a family I love, great friends…….soSadWoman why do I feel like this? Sound familiar?

If you find yourself feeling this way, keep reading.

Sometimes in life things looks great on the outside, but inside is a completely different story. And when this happens we can be really hard on ourselves, wondering why we can’t pull it together. We “should” be happy and we “should” be grateful for all we have, yet there’s this feeling that won’t go away. We are easily frazzled, easily pushed over the edge, easily put to tears. But why?

First I want you to know that you are not alone.

So many of our clients come to us feeling this way, and often they even feel embarrassed to admit it because their life is so good. The reason you are feeling this way is likely due to negative HungryFishemotions that have built up inside. We all have them. And if we don’t do something to clean them up, they eventually come right to the surface and sit there like a fish waiting to feed. They are waiting for that little ripple in the water and then BAM, they appear out of nowhere!

That little ripple in the water could be in the form of someone not cleaning up their dishes, someone cutting you off in traffic, that annoying co-worker who always asks the same question, your children for not listening, your husband for leaving the toothpaste out…….it comes in many forms and it has you responding…….BAM……in a big way. Maybe you find yourself crying through commercials, raging at other drivers, snapping at the store clerk. And sometimes you may not do or say anything at all, but instead hold it in. No-one else sees it, but you can’t ignore it any longer.

So where do negative emotions come from?

Sometimes you know exactly where they came from. And often you will have no clue. They are a build up of life experiences. And it doesn’t mean that you have to have gone through some major life event. You may have had a wonderful life with a great childhood and feel this way. Or you may have had a really tough childhood. You may have a wonderful life now. Or you may be going through some really difficult challenges. Regardless of your life circumstances, what we know is that no-one is exempt. No-one is free from these emotions. And no-one is free from having some kind of life experience that needs healing.

Negative emotions are stored at the unconscious level of our mind…

….meaning we aren’t aware of them consciously. They are stored nice and neatly, with each emotion having its own little (or big) chain in our mind. The first time we experience a
ChainofEmotions feeling
(which is usually between the ages of 0-7 and sometimes even earlier) our unconscious mind creates the first link, the root cause of that feeling. The next time we feel that same feeling, our unconscious mind takes another little link and attaches it to that first link. And each time we feel that particular feeling, another link gets added. And another. And another. And these can be really little things that add a link. It’s just about a feeling, big or small. Well, you can imagine by the time we reach our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s how long each chain of emotion can be! And when we get that feeling now, the entire chain gets fired off! And we blow! We either blow at the person standing in front of us, or we feel like we are going to explode inside. And keeping it inside is just as harmful to you. It’s just shows up differently than taking it out on someone else.

The good news is that negative emotions can be released.

You can be freed from these emotions. Most people don’t realize this is possible, but we have many clients that will tell you otherwise.  We are so grateful to have a powerful process called Time Line Techniques, that allows you to release the negative emotions at the root cause, whether you know what it is or not.  And when that link is released, the rest of the links just fall off because they have nothing to attach to. The foundation has disappeared.

We watch our clients transform right in front of us as they tell us how different they feel having released their emotional baggage.  They describe an inner calm and an inner sense of peace.  And with this comes a sense of freedom.  You are no longer held hostage by your emotions.

Once the emotions have been released, you begin to respond appropriately to things that happen in your life. You no longer have an entire chain of that emotion just waiting to be set off. You Dolphinsare no longer a fish waiting for the ripple in the water to be fed. You are a dolphin swimming in the ocean, looking at the beauty that surrounds you, enjoying the water, enjoying your pod………enjoying the beautiful life that you do have rather than missing the beauty that surrounds you because you are clouded by the pain of the past. It’s powerful, and it’s life changing.

You might be thinking this is too good to be true but we promise you it is true.

If you have a deep desire to change your life, call us (778) 294-0447 for a confidential conversation to see if we can help.  Life is too short to wait any longer.