There is a lot of awareness around the importance of a healthy heart….

…..and most of the information is focused on the physical well being of the body.  We’re told what to eat to be healthy and how important exercise is to having a healthy heart, by rarely do we seeheartstethescope information about the impact emotions have on the health of our heart.

For a number of years we have been helping our clients release the negative emotions that are limiting them in their relationships, both personally and professionally.  Intuitively, we knew there was something so important about the affect of our negative emotions beyond what we could logically explain. Fortunately, there are also scientific explanations to back up our intuition.

More and more research is being done….

….to reveal that the heart does more than just pump blood throughout our body.  Although this is in itself miraculous, research is now acknowledging that the human heart is actually a second brain that holds the key to our inner healing and wellbeing.  Scientists on the cutting edge of this new research believe that the “brain in your head” is continuously in touch with the “brain in your heart.”  How you feel influences the chemicals released throughout your body.

Without releasing our negative emotions….

…..we’re not able to find that peaceful feeling in our hearts.  Now for some people, a feeling of inner peace is beyond their expectations, however, most people do want to have a healthy heart and live a long and healthy life.  Now it is very apparent with the new research that the two are closely linked.

angrywomanSome emotions, such as anger, depression, anxiety, are recognized as bad for your heart if they become chronic emotional states.  Most people are aware that anger elevates blood pressure, but scientists now know that these emotions are also found in strong association with patients who suffer heart failure and other heart disease.

So there are more benefits to releasing negative emotions than just making you a nicer person to be around.  It can be a matter of how long you are actually around.

Take care of your heart on every level.

Ask yourself the following questions to assess your emotional heart health:

  1. Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks?
  2. Are you angry or frustrated or annoyed by the smallest comment or action?
  3. Do you often feel sad and alone?
  4. Do you hold on to past hurts?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to take care of your heart or call 1-778-294-0447